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Successful sea duck hunting depends on many factors; we feel that mobility and flexibility are the two most important keys to any successful hunt. Here at Rising Sun we offer three styles of sea duck hunts, traditional ledge hunts, big boat, and layout boat hunts. By employing these various styles of hunting our guides are able to adapt quickly to any changes that may occur in the ever-changing weather and sea conditions. Our hunting style and location will be decided daily, based on sea conditions, wind direction and tide phase.

After reaching our predetermined location, our own oversized, hand carved decoy rigs will be set and waiting for the morning flights to start. Our primary target will be trophy Eiders along with opportunities for Scoters and Old Squaws as well.

When dawn breaks, groups of sea ducks start moving across the waters in route to their feeding areas. As birds start decoying the shooting can and will get exciting and fast paced.

Layout Boat Hunts

Imagine setting on the “X” with Maine’s most experienced layout hunting outfitter, watching the sunrise over the horizon onto the gray steel colored Atlantic. As dawn breaks numerous groups of low flying eiders are headed into the decoy spread unaware of a layout boat. With wings set and feet down at ten yards, you rise, shoulder your shotgun and start your sea duck hunting experience. Whether you are a veteran waterfowler or a first timer, this truly unique and exciting “in your face” style of hunting for Eiders, Scoters and Old Squaws should not be missed.

Our layout boat hunts have quickly become our most popular hunt among our customers and for good reason. The up close and personal gunning this hunt provides, is amazing. Although this type of gunning may not be for everyone, those that have tried it say, “They just can’t believe what they have been missing”!

Here at RSO we use Mighty Layout Boys Super Mag boats for our layout hunts. The MLB Super Mag is a Lake Erie style boat designed for big water applications. Compared to the classic, these boats are longer and wider, providing seaworthiness, stability and plenty of room for your comfort. These boats have proven themselves in handling most any sea conditions that we see here in the open Atlantic.

What to Bring

  • Camouflage Outerwear (gore-tex or any waterproof material)
  • Chest Waders (insulated is best after Oct.)
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Thermal Socks
  • Face & Hand Coverings
  • Thermos
  • Blind Bag
  • Shooting Glasses (optional)
  • Spare Eye Glasses (if worn)
  • Personal Medication
  • Camera (photo opps.)
  • Spare Firearm (optional)
  • Firearm Cleaning Kit
  • Steel Shot (1, 2 , BB) min. 2 boxes per day
  • Federal Waterfowl Stamp

It’s important to bring plenty of warm clothing. Remember to plan on dressing in layers with a waterproof shell to protect you from the elements. The fall and winter weather along the Maine coast can be damp, cold and windy. A memorable hunt can be ruined by inadequate gear and lack of preparation for the weather.

NOTE: Please purchase Non-Resident Maine 3-day small game license and Maine migratory waterfowl permit prior to arrival. Online purchase available at

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